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β€œIf you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness, and therefore your excellence.” - Hope Solo

$15 for what would cost me $5 if I made it myself, I guess someone has to pay for the packaging. (at Sports Authority Landover)

$15 for what would cost me $5 if I made it myself, I guess someone has to pay for the packaging. (at Sports Authority Landover)

Yester-night activities with @klassiklady and aunt till after midnight, also ate so much food😍😍😍😍. Woke up with a big headache and body aches😩😩😩

Pulled 380 for today’s max, wanted another single but my aunt (who goes with me to the gym on Fridays) said her nerves couldn’t take it, and that I almost gave her hypertension (if you’re Nigerian you would understand)😒😒😒😩😩😩 Finished with front squats and back stuff. Thank God for everything. Have a wonderful weekend everyone #powerlifting #deadlift #training #babysteps (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Warm ups to today’s max pull. Top (355), Bottom left (275), Bottom right (325). Thank God for everything including sustenance and the grace to the what I love. Thanks to @bullusapl @mspowerlifter42 @belizianintellect for cheering me on, I thank God for these guys in my life, over the past 3 years they have supported me through many things, personal and training wise. They’ve understood all the time I had to quit training because I was in so much pain, and pushed me when I needed it. Thank you so much, and I love everyone of you😊😊😊 #powerlifting #training #deadlift #babysteps (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Vanity video of the day, chin-ups😊😊😊#training (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Having my squat critiqued by one of the technically best squatter I know, Henry. Apparently I shift my center of gravity when coming out of the hole, I don’t know what that means, if or how I’m supposed to fix that, I’ll just keep squatting. 2@225 Paused Squats #training #powerlifting (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

And so it begins..Heavy Squats Monday. 3@135, 2@185, 2@225, 245, 2@265, 3x2@225 (all paused). Finished with some hamstring work. All in all, today was a good day, meet prep begins, looking forward to what this prep holds. Thank God for blessing and sustaining me, and also for grace through affliction; had a rough weekend which weighed heavily on my mind today. Loved training with my teammates @mspowerlifter42 @belizianintellect @bullusapl. Have a wonderful week everyone. #squats #training #powerlifting #babysteps

Hips! Hips! Hips #training #powerlifting #babysteps (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Deadlift work today, deficits deadlifts, pause deadlifts and this “pausish” deadlift stuff (I don’t know what to call it). I’ve been watching my technique a lot and noticed that I deadlift from a higher hip position, the weight wouldn’t move until the my hips gets to that position. It feels comfortable and strong, and my back doesn’t hurt or anything like that. I can’t recall the numbers of sets but all sets were done with 225lbs. Did some front squats, then finished with back work. Thank God for sustaining me, loved training with my aunt and my teammates @mspowerlifter42 @belizianintellect. @bullusapl you were missed. Have a wonderful weekend everyone, stay blessed and strong. #powerlifting #training #deadlift #babysteps (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Today was good, although the weather was too hot. Squats: 2@135, 2@185, 225, 245, 3@265 (It was supposed to be my top set, but I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, so I went up), 275 (video). Finished with some hamstrings work. Thank God for blessing and sustaining me. Enjoyed training with my sister @akonkeawo and teammates @belizianintellect (thanks for the awesome spotting) and @mspowerlifter42 (welcome back), @bullusapl you were missed.