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“If you truly expect to realize your dreams, abandon the need for blanket approval. If conforming to everyone’s expectations is the number one goal, you have sacrificed your uniqueness, and therefore your excellence.” - Hope Solo

Today was good, although the weather was too hot. Squats: 2@135, 2@185, 225, 245, 3@265 (It was supposed to be my top set, but I wasn’t satisfied with the outcome, so I went up), 275 (video). Finished with some hamstrings work. Thank God for blessing and sustaining me. Enjoyed training with my sister @akonkeawo and teammates @belizianintellect (thanks for the awesome spotting) and @mspowerlifter42 (welcome back), @bullusapl you were missed.

Had fun training with my sister @akonkeawo today, squats looked great, depth is awesome; we just have to work on her focus. She trained bench with @mspowerlifter42 (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Warmup 2@185. Personally, I incorporate pause work during warm ups and on light/volume days (usually the last rep of every set is paused). Its easier for me this way. (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Block pulls and front squats to finish up (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Heavy deadlifts and paused front squats.
Deadlifts: 3@185, 2@225, 2@245, 275, 300, 325, 3x1@350 (missed last set). Front Squats (paused): 6x1@195. Block Pulls: 2x2@275. Had a progress report with my S&C coach earlier today, talked about squats, lockout issues on the deadlifts and bench. Block pulls are back, I had removed them because I didn’t know how to incorporate them without tasking my CNS. Thank God for everything, loved training with @bullusapl and @belizianintellect, @mspowerlifter42 you were missed, Mike said he’s “gonna burn your ass up” when you get back.
#powerlifting #deadlift #squat (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

Push press (sometimes its just a press), 2x3@95, 2x1@115, 2x1@120 (wanted another rep on the 2nd set but…). It is the only shoulder work I do, I need to learn to work my shoulders consistently. (at Gold’s Gym Largo)

165 Bench PR (paused) thanks for the spot @belizianintellect #powerlifting

Light (volume) squats and Bench, felt way better today. Squats: 2@135, 2@185, 5x5@205 (paused the last rep of every set). Bench: 5@95, 3@135, 2@155(both paused), 165(paused PR). Finished with some tricep and shoulder work. All in all, it was a good day. Thank God for everything. Loved training with my teammates @belizianintellect( thanks for the spot) and @bullusapl, @mspowerlifter42 you were missed. (at Gold’s Gym Largo)